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Hawaii OSHA Training

An official OSHA card from the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) benefits Hawaii workers regardless of their industry or job type. Even if you aren't required to take OSHA Outreach training, an OSHA card is useful to have on your resume.


Hawaii Labor Laws

Administered and maintained by the Hawaii Department of Labor, the Hawaii Occupational Safety and Health Division (HIOSH) covers most public and private-sector employees, excluding federal employees, the United States Postal Service, maritime operations and land under exclusive federal jurisdiction.

HIOSH investigates work-related accidents caused by caught in/between hazards, crushing, electrocution, falls, struck-by injuries and objects dropped from cranes. In addition to workplace safety, the Hawaii Department of Labor and Industrial Relations also addresses unemployment insurance, workforce development, disability compensation and discrimination complaints.

A top initiative for HIOSH is performing voluntary inspections for businesses proactively seeking to improve their workplace health and safety performance. OSHA encourages businesses to work with the workforce and the department to become a model of worksite for safety and health, allowing them to join the Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP), which exempts businesses from programmed inspections.

Hawaii Top OSHA Violations

Hawaii's leading cause of workplace fatalities in recent years has been related to construction and extraction occupations. According to OSHA statistics, the fatal injury rate for the construction industry is higher than the national average of other industries, making construction one of the most dangerous professions in the country.

As a result, OSHA allocates many resources to educating employers and workers on how to make the job site safer. You can find information and training on OSHA's website.

The most cited standard, which receives the highest penalties, is for fall prevention in construction. Falls are a common cause of serious work-related injuries and deaths, and OSHA has many guidelines to help prevent them.

Further Reading and Resources

OSHA Courses

Online OSHA courses provide fast and efficient training for workers. While classroom courses are offered throughout the state, online OSHA Outreach training guarantees high-quality, interactive education for every student, with downloadable lesson reviews, course trainer access and 24/7 live customer support.

These courses can be completed on your time, stopped and resumed as often as you want. Choose from the courses below to learn more about OSHA training available for your area.

Hawaii Courses Online

What You Get

  • Instantly Downloadable Certificate
  • Official OSHA Card
  • Email Access to OSHA-Authorized Course Trainer

OSHA Guidelines

OSHA's purpose is to provide safe conditions for workers. OSHA sets very broad and general regulations that most businesses must followed, as well as more detailed standards for specific industries, from construction to cosmetology and beyond.

Receiving OSHA training has benefits beyond meeting requirements and keeping employees safe. It leads to healthier employees with more ease of mind, which increases productivity. Boosting morale, it reduces turnover and the time and resources spent on recruiting and training replacements. It reduces productive workers' time away from the job due to injury and illness. This is all in addition to helping protect you from OSHA's retribution, as it can levy heavy fines for not following the standards presented in our OSHA courses.