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First Aid Basics 
Online Course

The First Aid Basics course trains workers to provide first aid for a variety of emergency situations. You'll learn how to assess a victim's condition, contact emergency medical services (EMS), perform CPR and treat multiple types of wounds.

This awareness-level course is 100% online and does not provide an official first aid certification. Practical hands-on training is typically required for any course that issues first aid certification.

Complete Your First Aid Training Online

Our online First Aid Basics course has numerous benefits, including:

  • 24/7 course access
  • Log on and off as needed
  • Work on your course anywhere with internet access
  • Email our course trainer with any questions
  • You have 180 days to complete the course

Once you finish the course and pass a brief test on the core topics, you can instantly download your Certificate of Completion. The First Aid Basics course takes about one hour to complete.

Who Should Take the First Aid Basics Course?

This course is ideal for workers who are required to complete first aid training to prepare for onsite emergencies. Anyone interested in expanding their knowledge in basic first aid can benefit from this course as well.

Learning Objectives for the First Aid Basics Course

The primary goal of this course is to train you to administer basic first aid to an injured person until EMS personnel arrive. You will learn how to assess a victim's condition, perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and treat various types of wounds.

After completing the course, you'll be prepared to:

  • Assess the condition of a victim
  • Explain how and when to contact emergency medical services
  • Administer first aid for a variety of different emergency situations
  • Use materials and equipment required for administering first aid

First Aid Basics Course Outline

The First Aid Basics course is divided into three learning modules about administering first aid for physical injuries and breathing emergencies. You can find a full outline of each module below.

Module 1: Basics of First Aid

Topics covered in Module 1 include:

  • What is first aid?
  • Good Samaritan laws
  • Scene and victim assessment
  • First aid kits

Learning objectives include:

  • Understand Good Samaritan laws and your legal responsibilities when assisting a victim
  • List what information to provide to emergency medical services
  • State guidelines about how and when to move a victim

Module 2: Breathing Emergencies

Topics covered in Module 2 include:

  • Administering CPR
  • The CAB method for CPR
  • How to use an automated external defibrillator (AED)
  • Choking emergencies
  • The Heimlich maneuver

Learning objectives include:

  • List the steps for performing CPR using the CAB method
  • List the steps for performing the Heimlich maneuver on a choking victim
  • Explain how and when to use an AED

Module 3: Physical Injuries

Topics covered in Module 3 include:

  • Bleeding emergencies
  • Bloodborne pathogens
  • Burn injury treatment
  • Treating lacerations
  • Strains, sprains and fractures

Learning objectives include:

  • List the steps for treating wounds and deep lacerations
  • List the steps for treating bodily strains, sprains and fractures
  • Identify the symptoms of a person experiencing shock
  • List the steps for treating burn injuries

Additional Links and Resources

Find more information about first aid, including OSHA guidelines for first-aid training and government resources on first-aid preparedness.