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OSHA Fall Protection Courses

Protect yourself from the leading cause of workplace death in the construction industry — fall hazards. Our 100% online courses outline OSHA fall protection requirements and provide solutions that will keep you safe on the job.

Competent Person: Fall Protection

Train to become a designated competent person in the construction industry. Identify, control and correct fall hazards in the workplace.

1-Hour OSHA Fall Protection

This introductory-level course trains construction workers to identify and avoid fall hazards, inspect safety equipment and understand general OSHA requirements.

OSHA Fall Prevention Courses

Learn how to prevent falls before they happen. Our 100% online fall prevention courses prepare you to identify and avoid the most common fall hazards you will encounter in the workplace.

8-Hour OSHA Fall

OSHA Fall Prevention: The High Ground is an advanced-level course for construction workers. Learn how to analyze fall hazards and work safely at heights.

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SST 8-Hour Fall

New York City construction workers can take this course to satisfy NYC Local Law 196. Learn fall prevention techniques and earn credit toward your official SST card.

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Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls

This 1-hour, awareness-level course is designed to train workers in any industry to avoid slips, trips and falls. The 100% online course is also available in Spanish.

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Which Fall Protection or Prevention Course Do I Need?

Whether you need to satisfy OSHA training requirements, complete training for NYC Local Law 196 or learn basic fall prevention strategies for any industry, we offer self-paced training to help you stay safe on the job. Learn more about our 100% online fall protection and prevention courses.

About Competent Person: Fall Protection

A competent person is an OSHA-compliant designated individual who is equipped to identify, control and correct workplace fall hazards. This course prepares workers in the construction industry to act in the capacity of a competent person to protect everyone on the site from the potential of serious injury or death due to falls.

This course includes an exploration of OSHA fall protection requirements for construction sites, appropriate authority for corrective action and the legal liability of a competent person.

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About 1-Hour OSHA Fall Protection

The 1-Hour OSHA Fall Protection course provides you with the basic tools to identify fall hazards in the construction industry. You will also learn how to properly use and inspect fall protection equipment. This entry-level training is designed for any worker the construction industry.

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About 8-Hour OSHA Fall Prevention: The High Ground

This 8-hour online course provides advanced-level training on the importance of fall prevention. You will learn how to recognize and avoid common fall hazards, understand OSHA safety requirements and make safer decisions while working at heights.

This training is ideal for construction workers and demolition workers, including construction supervisors, forepersons and other roles that require training to work safely at heights.

Note: If you are a New York City construction worker who needs eight hours of fall prevention training for NYC Local Law 196, you will need to take our SST 8-Hour Fall Prevention course.

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About SST 8-Hour Fall Prevention

New York City construction workers require eight hours of fall prevention training to earn a Site Safety Training (SST) card under Local Law 196. This course satisfies that requirement under the Department of Buildings.

This course teaches workers in all five boroughs the importance of fall prevention and ways to mitigate or avoid fall hazards. It includes instruction in the use of guardrails, personal fall arrest systems and safety nets alongside other crucial skills that will protect NYC construction workers from the dangers associated with working at heights.

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About Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls

This 1-hour course for general industry workers will teach you how to eliminate common risks that lead to dangerous slips, trips and falls. You will learn about preventative measures that reduce the likelihood of fall accidents that can result in strains, sprains or death.

This entry-level training is ideal for workers in any industry who are interested in preventing falls in the workplace. The course is also available in Spanish.

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Benefits of Fall Prevention Training

Fall Protection was the most commonly cited OSHA violation from fiscal year 2010 to fiscal year 2020, and it will likely be one of the top violations for years to come. OSHA's fall protection standard outlines multiple potential violations, including a lack of required safety mechanisms and improper use of fall protection equipment.

OSHA violations and a lack of fall protection training contribute to dangerous falls, the leading cause of death in the construction industry. To reduce the likelihood of fall-related accidents and deaths, workers should complete fall prevention training that is relevant to their industry.

Fall prevention training is one of the most effective ways to reduce jobsite injuries and fatalities. Adequate training also promotes safer work environments and employee behaviors, which can improve productivity.

Each course provides a digital Certificate of Completion, which you can immediately download after course completion.