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OSHA Resources

Form for Filing a Hazard Complaint

OSHA provides an online form to report possible safety or health hazards. Simply click the link provided, fill out and submit. Please be aware that unlawful statements are punishable under OSHA standards.

OSHA Worker's Page

Since the beginning, OSHA's mission has been to ensure employees have a safe and healthful workplace. If you work in a private sector, you are covered by an OSHA regional office. If you work in a public sector, you are covered by OSHA programs operated by those states. To find out more information and how you are covered under worker rights, click here:

OSHA Publications

The OSHA website provides publications for download and/or purchase including items such as brochures, fact sheets, pocket guides, posters and guidance documents. While some may be required, other purposes are to aid in your industry training, for study material, or for quick references on the work site. Click here to access OSHA publications:

State Safety and Health Programs

Many states such as California, Kentucky, Nevada and New York have State Plans. Section 18 of the OSH Act encourages States to develop and implement safety and health programs which OSHA approves and monitors. To find out if your state has a safety and health program, click this link:

Safety and Health Topics

Interested in learning more about a specific safety or health topic? OSHA has a searchable database with a range of topics such as Airline Industry, Avian Flu, Carcinogens, Indoor Air Quality, Motor Vehicle Safety, Substance Abuse and much more. Click the link below to search and select a topic for more information: