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California OSHA Training (Cal/OSHA)

Most private sector and government employees in California are covered by Cal/OSHA, an OSHA-approved safety and health program designed to protect California workers.

Some Cal/OSHA standards are stricter than federal OSHA regulations. California workers can train 100% online to satisfy their Cal/OSHA training requirements and earn an OSHA DOL card that's accepted nationwide.

Cal/OSHA Training Courses

Cal/OSHA 10-Hour Training 
for Construction

Designed for entry-level construction workers. Includes Cal/OSHA certification and OSHA 10 card.

Cal/OSHA 10-Hour Training 
for General Industry

Designed for entry-level general industry workers. Provides Cal/OSHA certification and OSHA 10 card.

Cal/OSHA 30-Hour Training 
for Construction

Designed for construction managers and supervisors. Provides Cal/OSHA certification and OSHA 30 card.

Cal/OSHA 30-Hour Training 
for General Industry

Designed for general industry managers and supervisors. Provides Cal/OSHA certification and OSHA 30 card.

California Labor Laws and Cal/OSHA

The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH), commonly known as Cal/OSHA, regulates safety and health requirements for the majority of workers in the state. It covers private industry employees, state government workers and local government workers.

However, Cal/OSHA does not cover:

  • Offshore maritime workers
  • Private sector employers within U.S. military installations
  • Private sector employers within U.S. national parks, national monuments, national memorials and national recreation areas
  • Private sector and tribal employers within Native American reservations and trust lands
  • Postal Service employees
  • Contractor-operated facilities for the Postal Service
  • Aircraft cabin crewmembers on an aircraft in operation

Other employees may also be exempt from Cal/OSHA. Visit the Cal/OSHA website for more information about Cal/OSHA jurisdiction. California workers who are exempt from Cal/OSHA are protected by federal OSHA regulations.

Online Cal/OSHA Training

Online Cal/OSHA training is a quick and convenient option for workers who need to satisfy employer training requirements. OSHA Education Center offers a variety of online Cal/OSHA courses for workers in construction and general industry.

Our Cal/OSHA program comes paired with a 10- or 30-hour OSHA Outreach course. OSHA Outreach training provides industry-specific safety and health information that helps workers recognize and avoid workplace hazards.

After completing your training, you'll receive your Cal/OSHA certification and an official OSHA DOL wallet card printed on durable plastic.

Learn more about our online Cal/OSHA courses:

What You Get

  • Instantly Downloadable Cal/OSHA Certificate
  • Official OSHA 10 or OSHA 30 Card
  • Email Access to an OSHA-Authorized Course Trainer

Top 10 Cal/OSHA Violations

In 2020, Cal/OSHA reported the top 10 violations for the previous year:

  1. Injury and Illness Prevention Program
  2. Heat Illness Prevention Program
  3. Construction Injury and Illness Prevention Program
  4. Control of Hazardous Energy, Including Lockout/Tagout
  5. Hazard Communication
  6. Emergency Eyewash and Shower Equipment
  7. Reporting Work — Connected Fatalities and Serious Injuries
  8. Respiratory Protection
  9. Portable Fire Extinguishers
  10. Permits to Operate Air Tanks

Source: University of California, Davis

Occupational Injuries and Deaths in California

In addition to common safety and health violations, Cal/OSHA publishes annual data on occupational injuries and deaths. The Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries reported that the most frequent causes of fatal injuries in 2020 included transportation incidents (122), falls, slips and trips (99) and workplace violence (97).

Cal/OSHA also releases an annual report of nonfatal occupation injuries and illnesses in the state. Data include case numbers, incidence rates and other metrics among workers in private industry, state government and local government.

Cal/OSHA Units and Partnership Programs

Cal/OSHA is known for its partnership programs, which were the first of their kind in the nation. The department offers a variety of programs that allow industry and labor to collaborate in an effort to improve workplace safety and health.

Cal/OSHA's featured safety programs include:

The department also protects worker and public safety with the help of its enforcement units, which include:

OSHA Guidelines

Areas not addressed in Cal/OSHA regulations are covered by federal OSHA standards. Like Cal/OSHA, OSHA's purpose is to ensure safe and healthful conditions for U.S. workers.

Federal OSHA includes broad regulations that apply to nearly all businesses, as well as more detailed standards for specific industries, from construction to cosmetology and beyond.

OSHA and Cal/OSHA training have benefits beyond meeting employer requirements and keeping employees safe. They lead to healthier employees with more ease of mind, which increases productivity and morale while reducing turnover. Plus, they prevent injuries and keeps workers safe and productive on the job.

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