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Course Details

Our Part 46 New Miner Training Course teaches new miners about MSHA regulations and critical safety procedures that prevent injuries and save lives. Upon completion of this 8-hour timed course, students will be properly trained to start work at a Part 46 mine. You will learn how to recognize health and safety hazards at the mine site, minimize accidents and injuries, and navigate emergency response situations.

Learning modules in the Part 46 New Miner Training Course include:

  • Introduction to MSHA
  • Overview of Surface Mining
  • Health Hazards in Mining
  • Hazard Communication
  • Electricity, Fire and Explosives
  • Mining Machinery and Equipment
  • Materials Handling and Storage
  • Mining Health and Safety Standards

Students are required to pass a quiz on each module, and the course concludes with a final exam. You have an unlimited number of attempts to pass the quizzes and final exam. After passing the final exam, you can instantly download a U.S. Department of Labor Certificate of Training (MSHA Form 5000-23).

To fully comply with MSHA training requirements, your employer must provide an additional 16 hours of on-site training that covers specific hazards at the mine.


Find answers to common questions about our New Miner Training Course. Please contact our customer support team for additional assistance.

Who needs MSHA Part 46 New Miner Training?

This course prepares new miners, supervisors, construction workers and independent contractors to begin work at a Part 46 surface mine. Mines that follow Part 46 regulations include cement, colloidal phosphate, feldspar, granite, gravel, kaolin, lime, sand, sandstone, shale, shell dredging, slate, surface clay, surface limestone, surface marble, surface stone and traprock operations.

Do you offer discounts for bulk registration?

Yes. Learn more about our bulk pricing discounts or call 844-869-2973 to speak with a sales representative on our business accounts team.

How many hours of training do I need to start working at a Part 46 mine?

Before you begin work at the mine, you must complete at least four hours of training that covers mining safety topics and site-specific hazards. The required training subjects are listed in 30 CFR 46.5. Until you meet all MSHA training requirements, you must work under the supervision of an experienced miner.

Do I need additional training to comply with MSHA requirements?

Yes. In addition to the eight hours of New Miner training, new miners must complete 16 hours of occupational health and safety training within the first 90 days of employment. Your employer will provide the additional training hours, which must cover specific safety hazards at the mine.

When will I get my completion certificate?

Upon completing the course, you can instantly download your free U.S. Department of Labor Certificate of Training (MSHA Form 5000-23). We can also mail you a copy of the form for a small fee.

What do I need to fill out on my completion certificate?

When you download your Certificate of Training, several sections will be filled out for you. You or your mine operator will also need to add:

  • Your mine's name, location and MSHA identification number
  • The signature of the person at your mine who is responsible for health and safety training
  • Your signature
  • The current date