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The OSHA Education Center Association (OECA) is dedicated to building a tenacious community of safety-minded workers. Our mission is to provide workers with the knowledge, skills and resources they need to improve the safety of worksites nationwide.

With our world-class training courses and timely updates to OSHA laws and regulations, we empower our members to identify and control preventable work-related hazards. Together, we can build a professional community that advocates for the highest standards of workplace safety and health.

OECA member benefits include:

  • 20% off all OSHA certificate courses
  • Exclusive course bundles
  • Welcome packet with informational booklets
  • Bimonthly workplace safety newsletter
  • OECA bumper magnet and sticker

Education is the key to identifying and addressing occupational safety hazards. That is why we ask OECA members to pledge to pursue high-quality safety training and professional development through all avenues of learning.

By joining our network of OECA members, you can connect with others in your industry, stay up to date on safety information and discuss the impact of regulatory changes related to workplace safety. This opportunity will help you find support in your career growth and keep you ahead of the curve as your industry's safety standards evolve.

Let everyone in your professional network know how much you value safety. Join today and share your exclusive OECA membership badge on your website, social media accounts, business card and resume.

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