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Introduction to OSHA Safety 
Training for General Industry

Private industry employers report over three million workplace injuries and illnesses each year, which is an incident rate of about 3.3 cases per 100 full-time employees. Most of these incidents are occupational injuries, within industries that produce both goods and services.

There's no denying that on-the-job hazards can pose risks to workers in any industry at any time. Whether you work in a factory, school, hospital, or office, there are many things that you can do to reduce your risk of injury and sickness on the job.

The OSHA Training For General Industry Course

Protect yourself, your employees, and your coworkers by taking OSHA certificate courses that are relevant and applicable to any workplace setting. Healthcare, factory, warehouse, retail, and manufacturing are just a few of the vital industries that can benefit from health and safety courses that meet OSHA standards. In our one-hour online introduction to OSHA safety for the General Industry course, we cover important health and safety topics, like ergonomics, working surfaces, blood-borne pathogens, and much more.

Suitable for entry-level workers, as well as experienced supervisors, our OSHA general industry course helps everyone identify jobsite hazards and take necessary precautions to prevent them. This is a great way to learn about new ways to work in a safer environment, redefine procedural standards, and reinforce safety policies.

Students are allowed up to 180 days to complete the course. Completion of this 1-hour certificate program will provide students with an official Certificate of Completion.