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Nevada OSHA Training

Having an OSHA card benefits Nevada workers regardless of their industry or job type. Most workers in Nevada are covered by the Nevada State Plan, an OSHA-approved safety and health program designed to protect Nevada workers.

Some standards in the Nevada State Plan are stricter than federal OSHA regulations. You can satisfy all your Nevada OSHA training requirements and earn an official OSHA DOL card with our OSHA-authorized online training.

OSHA training is required or highly recommended in a variety of industries in Nevada, from the medical field to entertainment, manufacturing and construction. Even if your current employer does not require Nevada OSHA training, earning an official OSHA card is a low-cost way to improve your resume for future job opportunities.

Nevada OSHA Training Courses

NV OSHA 10-Hour Training 
for Construction

Designed for entry-level construction workers. Includes Nevada OSHA certification and OSHA 10 card.

NV OSHA 10-Hour Training 
for General Industry

Designed for entry-level general industry workers. Includes Nevada OSHA certification and OSHA 10 card.

NV OSHA 30-Hour Training 
for Construction

Designed for construction managers and supervisors. Provides Nevada OSHA certification and OSHA 30 card.

NV OSHA 30-Hour Training 
for General Industry

Designed for general industry managers and supervisors. Provides Nevada OSHA certification and OSHA 30 card.

OSHA Outreach Training Requirements for Nevada Entertainment Workers

Effective January 1, 2018, Nevada Assembly Bill 190 requires additional OSHA safety training for many entertainment industry workers. Depending on job duties, many of those employed in the entertainment field must now complete an OSHA 10-Hour General Industry course (non-supervisory employees) or OSHA 30-Hour General Industry course (supervisory employees).

Entertainment workers need OSHA training if their job falls into one of the following categories:

  • Theatrical scenery, rigging or props
  • Wardrobe, hair or makeup
  • Audio, camera, projection, video or lighting equipment
  • Any other items or parts that are related to or components of the items described above and which are used for on in conjunction with the presentation or production of:
    • Live entertainment
    • Filmmaking or photography, including, without limitation, motion pictures
    • Television programs, including, without limitation, live broadcasts, closed-circuit broadcasts or videotape recordings and playback
    • Sporting events
    • Theatrical performances

Nevada Labor Laws

The Office of the Labor Commissioner oversees state labor laws and is part of the Nevada Department of Business and Industry. The Commissioner investigates complaints about unfair wages, minimum wage, overtime and other wage disputes. It also oversees standards about youth employees and hazardous working conditions.

The Nevada Department of Business and Industry requires employers to report to the Nevada Occupational Safety and Health Administration (NOSHA) about workplace accidents involving a fatality of one or more employees or the hospitalization of three or more employees within eight hours of learning about the accident. Workplace hazard reports in Nevada can be submitted online, by phone or by email.

Based in Henderson, Nevada, NOSHA applies to all public and private sectors of employment. Nevada OSHA has adopted these unique standards:

  • Safety programs
  • Cranes
  • Steel Erection
  • Construction
  • Asbestos
  • Explosives
  • Ammonium Perchlorate and Photovoltaic

Online Nevada OSHA Training

Online training is a convenient and efficient option for Nevada workers who need to satisfy their employer's training requirements.

While classroom courses are offered throughout the state, online OSHA Education Center training guarantees high-quality, interactive education for every student, with downloadable practice quizzes, course trainer access and 24/7 live customer support.

Nevada OSHA courses consist of a 10- or 30-hour OSHA Outreach course paired with three hours of Nevada OSHA training required by the state. By bundling our training, we ensure workers are properly trained according to state guidelines.

After completing your training, you can instantly download your Nevada OSHA certificate and OSHA Outreach certificate. Your official OSHA DOL wallet card, printed on durable plastic, typically arrives in the mail six to eight weeks after course completion.

Learn more about our online Nevada OSHA courses:

What You Get

  • Instantly Downloadable Certificates for Nevada OSHA and OSHA Outreach
  • Official OSHA 10 or OSHA 30 Card
  • Email Access to an OSHA-Authorized Course Trainer

Nevada Top OSHA Violations

Because of the huge entertainment district in Las Vegas, Nevada has many workplace injuries related to the performing arts, spectator sports and similar industries. Consequently, the leisure and hospitality industry has recently seen many workplace injuries and health hazards.

Nationally, the most cited standard, which also receives the highest penalties, is for fall prevention in construction. Falls commonly cause serious work-related injuries and deaths, and OSHA has many guidelines to help prevent them.

OSHA Guidelines

OSHA's purpose is to provide safe conditions for workers. OSHA sets very broad and general regulations that most businesses must followed, as well as more detailed standards for specific industries, from construction to cosmetology and beyond.

Receiving OSHA training has benefits beyond meeting requirements and keeping employees safe. It leads to healthier employees with more ease of mind, which increases productivity. Boosting morale, it reduces turnover and the time and resources spent on recruiting and training replacements. It reduces productive workers' time away from the job due to injury and illness. This is all in addition to helping protect you from OSHA's retribution, as it can levy heavy fines for not following state or federal OSHA standards.

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