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Online SST Courses for NYC Workers

Local Law 196 requires workers at most NYC construction jobsites to earn a Site Safety Training (SST) card by March 1, 2021. OSHA Education Center is a DOB-approved SST course provider that is authorized to issue SST cards and verify training certificates from any DOB-approved provider.

You can also meet your training requirements for an SST Supervisor card online with our DOB-approved SST supervisor courses. Supervisors at NYC worksites with a Site Safety Plan are currently required to have 62 hours of training and hold an SST Supervisor card.

We verify training certificates from any DOB-approved course provider, and all our online courses are accepted by Department-approved card providers. OSHA Education Center is not currently issuing SST Supervisor cards, but this option will become available soon.

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Who Needs an SST Card Under Local Law 196?

Site Safety Training requirements apply to construction and demolition workers at New York City jobsites with a Site Safety Plan. This includes workers and supervisors at any job with a designated Construction Superintendent, Site Safety Coordinator or Site Safety Manager.

Workers need 40 hours of training to earn an SST Worker card. Our guide to NYC Local Law 196 explains which construction roles require Site Safety Training and which are exempt. You can also email the DOB at with questions about the SST requirements for your specific role.

SST supervisors are required to complete 62 hours of DOB-approved training to earn their SST Supervisor card. As of December 2019, all supervisors at an NYC jobsite with a Site Safety Plan must hold a valid SST Supervisor card.

Local Law 196 Training Deadlines

NYC Local Law 196 was signed into law in October 2017. The new requirement for 40 hours of Site Safety Training was scheduled to roll out in three phases. The final phase, which takes effect March 1, 2021, requires workers to earn a Full SST card that proves they completed 40 hours of training.

Phase One

The first SST deadline was March 1, 2018. This phase required workers to complete at least 10 hours of training, which could be satisfied with a 10- or 30-hour OSHA Outreach course.

Phase Two

The second SST deadline passed on December 1, 2019. Phase two required workers to have 30 hours of Site Safety Training. Workers could satisfy this requirement by earning a Limited SST card or an OSHA 30 construction card.

Phase Three

The third and final SST deadline is March 1, 2021. By this date, workers need 40 total hours of Site Safety Training and an SST card. The courses needed to meet this requirement are different for current workers and new entrants to the NYC construction industry after December 1, 2019.

Courses Current Workers Need for an SST Card

Current workers in the NYC construction industry have two options for getting their SST card. The simplest way to get your card is to earn an OSHA 30 card and complete 10 additional hours of DOB-approved Site Safety Training.

Either option above will satisfy DOB requirements to get a Full SST Worker card.

Courses New Entrants Need for an SST Card

New entrants include any workers who joined the NYC construction industry after December 1, 2019. These workers must complete the OSHA 10-Hour course before they start the job. And within six months of starting work, they need to complete an additional 30 hours of training to get an SST card.

New entrants can earn their SST card with the following courses:

SST General Elective Options Include:

SST Special Elective Options Include:

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