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Quickly Learn Basic First Aid Knowledge Online

Written by Michael Purser

First Aid Training

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. While Benjamin Franklin was referring to fire prevention in this famous adage, the same applies to first aid training.

There’s no time to consult a search engine when your coworker needs immediate medical assistance. Your swift intervention could be the difference between life and death during a serious workplace injury.

A first aid training program will prepare you to assess and treat injuries. You can learn to provide simple life support care like cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), the Heimlich maneuver and the proper use of an automated external defibrillator (AED). An online preparation course gives you the fundamental knowledge and skills needed to provide medical assistance when accidents happen.

Keep reading to find basic first aid training courses that will help you protect others on the job.

Who Needs CPR, AED and First Aid Training?

Everyone! Accidents can happen anywhere. Workplace injuries include everything from minor cuts and first-degree burns to life-threatening injuries like electric shock and tissue trauma.

If you are trained and prepared, you can provide immediate medical assistance. Your intervention could prevent infection, preserve a limb or even resuscitate an unresponsive individual.

Planning, learning and practicing are essential to your ability to act when seconds count. High-quality training courses equip you with the understanding and practical skills required to protect others from harm and stabilize victims.

Where to Get Basic First Aid Training

You don’t have to be an EMT to intervene when injuries arise. When applying emergency medical skills, even basic knowledge is valuable. Start your education with an awareness-level course.

In addition to our other workplace safety courses, OSHA Education Center is an online first aid training provider. We offer convenient, user-friendly programs designed to give every worker the power to protect others by skillfully responding to workplace accidents, injuries and emergencies.

Our first aid training curriculum includes:

First Aid Basics

This course is a primer on the first steps to follow whenever you encounter the victim of an injury or workplace accident. First aid training materials will teach you how to assess a victim’s condition, contact emergency medical services (EMS), perform CPR and treat simple wounds.

This program explores the terminology and procedures needed to understand and communicate important information about common situations ranging from open wounds to asphyxiation. Familiarize yourself with Good Samaritan laws, the contents of a first aid kit and how to safely move an injured individual.

Learn how to respond to common injuries, including:

  • Stabilizing strains, sprains and fractures
  • Flushing chemical burns
  • Irrigating irritated eyes
  • Applying several kinds of bandages
  • Cleaning wounds
  • Dressing burns
  • Preventing the transmission of bloodborne illnesses
  • Administering non-prescription medication
  • And more

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First Aid for Medical Emergencies

In an emergency, immediate action can save lives. Bystander CPR, for example, may double or triple the survival chances of the cardiac arrest victim. Prepare yourself to act quickly with this exploration of first-responder protocols for medical emergencies.

Lessons teach you how to stabilize severe injuries during the first critical minutes following an emergency incident. This course also prepares you to provide artificial respiration, staunch life-threatening bleeding and offer other medical assistance before emergency personnel arrives.

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CPR and AED Essentials

Once a person stops breathing, permanent brain damage starts within four minutes. CPR keeps oxygen flowing to major organs, including the brain. It can even resuscitate an unconscious victim.

Our CPR course teaches best practices for opening airways, rescue breathing, chest compressions and more. You will learn how to use the Compressions, Airway and Breathing (CAB) method. CAB is the current standard for emergency artificial respiration.

An AED is a powerful tool that helps regulate heart and lung function during CPR. This program teaches you how to affix and use an AED. It even explains the audio and visual prompts the device makes during operation. You will also learn where to look for AED devices in factories, warehouses, schools, malls and other facilities.

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Further Education

Our informative courses focus on the knowledge portion of basic medical assistance. After you complete the classes above, you can seek practical experience to extend your education.

CPR certification requires hands-on practice. Organizations like the American Red Cross and the American Heart Association can help you finish your certification with local options for in-person instruction and workshops.

Advantages of Online Learning

There’s no faster way to prepare for workplace injuries. When you sign up for one of our safety classes, you gain access to a 24/7 online learning platform. Finish your program in a single afternoon or break lessons into short study sessions.

We save your progress automatically as you progress through each lesson module, multimedia activity and quiz. Access lesson content from any internet-connected device, allowing you to switch from a laptop to a tablet or phone for mobile learning. Bring your education along wherever you go.

OSHA Education Center makes safety education easy. Each class provides high-quality, interactive instruction on crucial compliance topics. Once you purchase the course, you have 180 days to complete it.

Start Today

You can’t predict when you might need to treat an injury or respond to a workplace emergency. There’s no time like the present to start building your skills. Enroll in our basic skills training today and prepare to protect your friends, family and coworkers.

If you are interested in other safety and compliance topics, visit our course catalog. With more than 150 options to choose from, OSHA Education Center is your source for flexible, affordable workplace training.