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Giving and Receiving Feedback 
Certificate Course

Understanding how to give and receive constructive feedback is a vital skill for any employee or manager to have. While work-related feedback can sometimes feel personal, certain techniques can help keep these conversations productive. This course, designed for both employees and managers, provides best practices for giving and receiving feedback in the workplace.

Complete the Giving and Receiving Feedback Course Online

Our online Giving and Receiving Feedback course has numerous benefits, including:

  • 24/7 course access
  • Log on and off as needed
  • Work on your course anywhere with internet access
  • Email our course trainer with any questions
  • Allows up to 180 days to complete the course

Once you finish the course and pass a brief test on the core topics, you can instantly download your Certificate of Completion. The Giving and Receiving Feedback course takes about 30 minutes to complete.

Learning Objectives for Giving and Receiving Feedback

The primary goal of this course is to teach you how to effectively give and receive feedback in the workplace. You will learn the characteristics of constructive feedback and how to properly react to comments and advice related to your work performance.

Key topics covered in the course include:

  • Effective ways to give and receive feedback
  • Unproductive ways to react to feedback
  • The characteristics of effective feedback

The Giving and Receiving Feedback course is ideal for employees, supervisors, managers and safety committee members.