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Simplify contractor management and improve your paper trail

Working with contractors is a necessity, but it doesn’t have to be a headache to handle all of the documentation and safety requirements for your contractors.

Contractors must complete site-specific safety training per OSHA, and along with facility access, qualification tracking, and safety documentation management, it can be a full-time job to manage contractors.

With our Contractor Compliance System, we’ve done the hard part so managing your contractors’ safety documentation, assigning site-specific safety orientation, and everything in between is quick and easy.

Enjoy the ability to:

  • Provide and track orientation training, preparing contractors for their time at your facility.
  • Manage facility access with ID cards and the ability to track contractors’ arrival and departure times.
  • Document and manage worker records in a centralized location including insurance, training, ID cards, background checks, drug screenings, and safety standards.
  • Conduct safety qualification assessments to ensure your contractors are qualified to be on site.
  • Manage tasks and documents including safety standards, training records, program and SOP documentation.
  • Access real-time analytics and reporting to see trends and make decisions as fast as you do business.

Contractor Compliance System