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Your teams look to OSHA Education Center as the leader in OSHA Outreach training to ensure they are more successful at practicing safe workplace behaviors. Along with our sister brand, TPC, we offer technical skills training to improve maintenance and troubleshooting best practices, rounding out the skills you need to increase machine uptime and reduce OSHA violations.

TPC is the leader in technical skills training, with courses covering the critical industrial maintenance topics teams need to understand to have the biggest possible impact on the success of the business. With both online self-guided and instructor-led training courses, teams can choose the learning method that resonates best with them.

Through our brand partnership, our clients can get access to these offerings in one place, from a single platform: FUSION, our learning management system (LMS). Love your LMS? We have integrations with many other platforms. Reach out to a member of our team via the form on this page to find out if our training courses are available with yours.

In partnership with TPC, our comprehensive offerings include:

Critical Training Topics and Compliance Solutions

OSHA Education Center and TPC have your technical and safety training and compliance needs covered. Learn more about our comprehensive solutions and how to start improving operational safety by connecting with a member of our team.

OSHA 10- and 30-Hour Training for General Industry and Construction

Required safety training, handled. Get OSHA DOL cards, set expectations around safe behaviors and help your team succeed at hazard reduction and avoidance. We offer online, OSHA-authorized training in partnership with the University of South Florida.

Mobile Safety Audit

Paper document storage requires a big footprint and so much more to keep it handled. As businesses get more complex and production ramps up, paper storage can be difficult to maintain. Our Mobile Safety Audit tool is a system that allows users to handle maintenance and safety paperwork quickly, accurately and digitally.

We provide 20 safety templates, on-the-job assessment tools, and our library of existing forms. You bring the mobile device, internet connection and your existing forms.

With this mobile tool, move your records to the cloud to free up space and get instant access to leading indicators, helping you solve challenges before they cause machine downtime. Use our library of industry-specific forms or easily and quickly add your own to the database.

Safety Compliance Program

Improving your safety culture is simple with this program, which encompasses important safety topics, required OSHA training and our Mobile Safety Audit tool for a subscription offering that is scaled to fit your needs. Get unlimited topical safety training courses in the BASIC plan; the ADVANCED plan provides OSHA Outreach courses and a selection of the BASIC plan’s courses, and the PREMIUM plan includes everything under ADVANCED plus Mobile Safety Audit to scale your safety compliance like never before.

Technical Skills

From electrical skills, HVAC, Mechanical and Plant Management to troubleshooting and advanced repairs, our comprehensive technical skills library covers two learning styles:

Instructor-led Training

Learn from experts in their trades as they break down complex topics to make them digestible by all levels of learners, live in-person or virtually.

Online Training

Available when and where you are, these courses are self-guided and fully online, allowing learners to study when they’re not needed on the facility floor.


Learn how to troubleshoot common components with our interactive environments encompassing electrical troubleshooting, PLC, control and motor circuits, industrial controls, VFD and sensors. These 3D scenarios reinforce troubleshooting theory, allow teams to become experienced with common faults before they get their hands on live equipment and take beginners all the way through to expert-level faults, helping them safely gain confidence, expertise and experience.

Managers of those learning with our simulations technology see results instantly — with breakdowns for speed and costs associated with replacement parts and machine downtime, illustrating team progress in real time.

Contractor Compliance System

Ensure contractors’ documentation, including site-specific safety orientation, certifications and facility control is managed with our Contractor Compliance System. Collect and maintain the database of contractor documentation and improve reporting and analytics all fully online.

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