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NYC Local Law 196 requires construction workers at most major jobsites to have 40 hours of DOB-approved Site Safety Training. Workers must complete this training to earn an SST Worker card, which is now needed to enter any New York City jobsite with a Site Safety Plan.

This 40-hour course package includes 30-Hour OSHA Outreach training, SST 8-Hour Fall Prevention, SST 2-Hour Drug and Alcohol Awareness and an official SST card printed on durable plastic. It is designed for workers who need to complete both OSHA training and SST, including new workers and those who completed OSHA training more than five years ago.

You will receive your plastic, wallet-sized SST Worker card in the mail.

About 40-Hour SST for Workers

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NYC Local Law 196

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New York City Department of Buildings (DOB)

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Plastic, Wallet-Sized SST Worker Card

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NYC Construction and Demolition Workers

What Is Included in This Package?

This 40-hour SST course package for NYC construction and demolition workers includes all required training for workers and your official SST card.

40-Hour SST for Workers includes:

Who Needs an SST Worker Card?

Most construction workers at NYC jobsites with a Site Safety Plan are required to earn an SST Worker Card.

This includes:

  • Construction workers
  • Demolition workers
  • Forepersons
  • Journeypersons
  • Employees of DOB licensees or registrants

If you are unsure whether your jobsite has a Site Safety Plan, consult the DOB Site Safety Construction map. If your jobsite is listed, you will likely need to earn a Site Safety Card to work there.

See our guide to Local Law 196 for a list of workers who are exempt from Site Safety Training.

Which Courses Do I Need if I Have an OSHA 30 Card?

If you already have an OSHA 30 card, you can fully satisfy DOB requirements for an SST card with 10-Hour SST for Workers, which includes the following courses:

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Can I Apply Previously Completed Training toward My SST Card?

Yes. You may receive SST credit for training that you completed within the last five years. Please consult the DOB's list of Approved SST Course Equivalents, which lists the number of credit hours you can receive for certain Department-approved courses.

Can I Get My 40-Hour SST Worker Card by Completing 10-Hour OSHA and 30-Hour OSHA?

No. OSHA 10- and 30-hour courses cannot be combined to satisfy the DOB's 40-hour Site Safety Training requirement. Workers must complete either a 10-hour OSHA course or a 30-hour OSHA course and then complete their remaining training hours by taking DOB-approved SST courses.

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