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Mobile Safety Audit

Improve your paper trail, creating digital records stored in the cloud with immediate accessibility.

Start from our library of paperwork or quickly and easily digitize your existing documents, with the ability to include photos, priorities, assign tasks, and plan maintenance from a single platform: Mobile Safety Audit.

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Mobile Safety Audit

Leading Indicators Inform Maintenance

When your maintenance team uses Mobile Safety Audit, it enables you to see trends in data that indicate problems before parts or machines fail. These leading indicators can help improve maintenance scheduling to prevent emergency shutdowns, and since our tool shows this data in real time, you know immediately when there's a potential issue, without the need to reference old physical files.

Leading indicators help teams understand how to be more proactive in their maintenance work; they can predict potential problems and identify areas of improvement. Without this powerful data – shown in the Mobile Safety Audit dashboard – teams could be oblivious to major problems until a machine fails, which can cause unplanned downtime and subsequent loss of productivity and profitability. In short, relying on leading indicators – instead of trailing indicators such as equipment failure – can help improve machine uptime, morale, and facility safety.

Instant Compliance Check

With Mobile Safety Audit, your compliance records are available at your fingertips whenever and wherever you're working, all via the cloud. Check compliance and completion at a moment's notice, with mobile records that are available 24/7.

Simplify Records Management

Include GPS locations, get signatures, and add photos to capture a complete maintenance record. Need a more comprehensive form? Simply click to add fields and notes. When you update forms, share them with all mobile users to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Training Assessments for Learning on the Job

Get access to our on-the-job learning assessments to evaluate your team's knowledge and skills, fully online within Mobile Safety Audit. Have additional training assessments that need to be included in your data set? Quickly and easily convert your paper forms to digital records to capture all the information required.

Safety Templates

Up your safety compliance with our library of safety-related templates to hone your team's skills, identify points of improvement, and reduce hazards in the workplace.

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