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Written by Michael Purser

The New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) requires all Site Safety Training (SST) cardholders to refresh their training every five years to stay compliant with Local Law 196. New York City construction workers and supervisors must maintain a valid SST card to enter most jobsites in the five boroughs.

Learn about SST card expiration and how to renew your card. Discover online SST refresher courses that will satisfy DOB training requirements and find out how to order your new card online.

Requirements for SST Card Renewal

Local Law 196 passed in 2017, but the first SST cards were issued in May 2018. The DOB issued a reminder about upcoming card expirations in June 2023. That reminder contains renewal instructions for eligible cardholders.

To remain current, cardholders must:

  • Maintain a valid SST card at all times
  • Complete DOB-approved refresher training courses every five years
  • Receive an updated SST card after completing refresher training

The type of training you need to renew your card depends on which SST card you currently hold.

Worker Refresher Training

If you are a worker approaching your card expiration deadline, you must take eight hours of DOB-approved safety lessons to renew your SST card. You can satisfy this requirement online with our 8-hour SST card refresher course package for workers.

Supervisor Refresher Training

If you are a supervisor, you will need 16 hours of DOB-approved site safety courses to renew your card. Supervisors include Site Safety Managers, Site Safety Coordinators, Competent Persons, Construction Superintendents and Concrete Safety Managers.

You can renew your card online with our 16-hour SST refresher course package for supervisors.

OSHA Training

As part of your initial training, you were required to complete OSHA 30 or OSHA 10 training. Your OSHA card will never expire. You do not have to repeat OSHA courses or complete new OSHA training to renew your SST card.

Online SST Card Refresher Training Packages

You don’t have to sign up for in-person classes to satisfy Local Law 196 refresher training requirements. Later in 2024, OSHA Education Center will offer a simple path to your five-year SST renewal.

We will soon offer DOB-approved SST refresher training packages for workers and supervisors. You can complete your refresher training 100% online, and your updated SST card is included.

Are you interested in refresher training for yourself or your team? Sign up for updates by selecting an option at the bottom of this page. We will send you an email as soon as you can purchase your all-in-one training package.

Learn at home from any internet-connected device and train at your pace to renew your SST card. Each course package contains everything you need to complete your 5-year SST renewal, including a new SST ID card. Simply choose between the 8-hour worker package and the 16-hour supervisor package.

Lessons are fully narrated and contain interactive quizzes. Qualify for another five years of SST compliance with user-friendly instruction that you can start and stop whenever you want.

If you currently hold an SST Worker card and need to upgrade your classification, you can purchase the additional courses required to earn your SST Supervisor card, too.

Who Needs an SST Card?

Local Law 196 passed in New York City in 2017. This law establishes minimum safety training requirements for most construction and demolition workers on large development sites.

Any jobsite with a Site Safety Plan requires all eligible employees to have a current SST card before they are allowed on the premises.

Failure to ensure compliance with safety training requirements can result in major fines. Each worker without proper training can cost an employer up to $5,000. Failure to keep a log documenting worker training may incur a penalty of up to $2,500.

Visit our Local Law 196 guide for more information about initial training requirements. OSHA Education Center offers full packages for workers and supervisors. Each one contains all the online Site Safety Training courses you need to qualify for your first SST card.

Five years after you obtain your initial SST card, you must renew your training.

Sign up for SST Refresher Course Updates

SST refresher courses will be available soon. Employers and individuals can sign up to be notified when they are ready to purchase. To get started, select an option below and fill out a brief form.

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can I start my refresher training?

You must complete DOB-approved SST refresher courses no more than one year before your current SST card expires.

Do your SST refresher training course packages include a new SST card?

Yes, the processing fee for your updated SST card is included in the cost of your refresher training package. The DOB will issue you a new SST card after you complete your training.

What happens if my SST card expires?

You must complete your training and apply for a new card before your current SST credentials expire. Otherwise, you will be required to start over from the beginning as a new applicant.

Is OSHA Education Center approved by the New York City Department of Buildings?

Yes. We are a DOB-approved provider of online Site Safety Training courses. Our provider ID Number is 4T91.

Do I need anything else to renew my SST card?

You must complete all required refresher training hours. That means either eight hours for workers or 16 hours for supervisors. All courses must be DOB-approved and completed before your current card expires.

What if I have other questions about Local Law 196 or Site Safety Training?

For any other questions, visit our SST FAQ page or contact us directly.