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Limited Site Safety Training for New York City Construction

Earning your OSHA 30 card online is one of the simplest ways to meet NYC Department of Buildings (DOB) requirements for Limited Site Safety Training.

The 30-Hour OSHA Outreach Construction course provides a convenient option for construction and demolition workers who need additional training before the December 1, 2019, deadline for Limited SST established by NYC Local Law 196.

OSHA Outreach 30-Hour Construction Course

OSHA 30-hour construction training teaches valuable skills that promote safe and healthful worksites. You'll learn how to recognize and avoid a wide range of on-the-job safety hazards, including:

  • The OSHA Construction Focus Four
  • Scaffold hazards
  • Hand and power tool risks
  • Crane hazards
  • And more!

After you complete 30 hours of training, you'll receive an official OSHA card from the U.S. Department of Labor. Because the DOB considers the OSHA 30 card equivalent to a Limited SST card, you'll be fully prepared for the December 1 training deadline.

Our 100% online program is actively proctored, a DOB requirement for online training.

OSHA 30-Hour Construction Study Guide

Satisfying new training requirements for Local Law 196 is easier than ever with our comprehensive OSHA 30 study guide. Instantly download the PDF guide for a clear and concise overview of every module in our OSHA-authorized safety course for the construction industry.

About Local Law 196 Training Requirements

When New York City passed Local Law 196 of 2017, safety training requirements increased for construction and demolition workers at certain worksites across the five boroughs.

The new training standard applies to workers at jobsites that must designate a Construction Superintendent, Site Safety Coordinator or Site Safety Manager.

To ensure workers meet the new requirements on schedule, the NYC Department of Buildings set a series of deadlines for Site Safety Training.

SST Deadlines for NYC Construction Workers

First Compliance DeadlineSecond Compliance Deadline
December 1, 2019September 1, 2020
Training Needed: At least 30 hoursTraining Needed: 40 hours
Card Requirement: OSHA 30 card or Limited SST cardCard Requirement: SST card

Who Needs Site Safety Training for Local Law 196?

Site Safety Training is required for NYC construction and demolition workers at jobsites that require a Site Safety Plan. These include any worksite with a designated Construction Superintendent, Site Safety Coordinator or Site Safety Manager.

If you perform new construction or demolition work at a jobsite larger than a three-family home, you will need to work toward full Site Safety Training compliance according to the timeline above. Supervisors at qualifying worksites must also complete Site Safety Training.

You do not need Site Safety Training if you work at a jobsite that involves minor alterations or the construction of a new one-, two- or three-family home.