10-Hour Training

Most workers in construction, healthcare, manufacturing, warehousing, distribution or retail environments will need to take OSHA 10-hour training as a baseline for being able to identify, predict, avoid, prevent and abate hazards in their workplaces. 10-hour training also provides information regarding worker's rights, employer responsibilities and how to file a safety-related complaint.

» 10-Hour Training for Construction - Course Topics
» 10 Hora de OSHA Reconocimiento de Riesgos para la Industria de la Construcción (En Espanol)
» 10-Hour Training for General Industry - Course Topics

30-Hour Training

30-hour OSHA training is recommended for supervisory employees or employees with specific workplace safety responsibilities. This program includes all topics covered in OSHA 10-hour training and more, with more in-depth information and a wider breadth of topics sufficient for site supervisors, foremen and safety managers.

» 30-Hour Training for Construction - Course Topics
» 30-Hour Training for General Industry - Course Topics


HAZWOPER (Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response) training is often required for hazardous waste operations and emergency response workers working on uncontrolled hazardous waste operations. We offer an initial training to satisfy the 24-hour initial training requirement, as well as a refresher course that satisfies annual 8-hour refresher requirements.

» HAZWOPER 24-Hour - Course Topics
» HAZWOPER 8-Hour - Course Topics

OSHA Standards Training

Our comprehensive OSHA Standards Training courses cover all applicable OSHA workplace safety regulations and help supervisors and workers to reduce the risk of jobsite hazards. The OSHA 1926 Standards Training covers the construction industry, while the OSHA 1910 Standards Training covers general industry.

» OSHA 1926 Standards Training for Construction - Course Descriptions
» OSHA 1910 Standards Training for General Industry - Course Descriptions

Certificate Courses

While our 10-hour and 30-hour courses will provide training on a wide breadth of topics, the topic lists may not fully cover all of the types of hazards your workers may experience on your unique worksites. Our quick certificate courses can augment other training programs or provide refresher training on important specialized topics.

» Construction Industry Certificates - Course Descriptions
» General Industry Certificates - Course Descriptions

Bulk Discounts

No matter what courses you purchase, you can save big with our bulk discounts for corporate accounts. Learn more about bulk discounts and view our tiers, or contact a safety representative today to let us know what courses you are interested in!